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Vertoz’s IncrementX Partners with Dantri, VN’s Largest News Publication, for Western Market Representation


IncrementX is a Leading Media Representation Platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Dantri, Vietnam’s largest electronic news publication, to represent them in the Western market. This alliance will concentrate on representing advertising inventory in significant Western nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

With an extensive readership and great influence, Dantri is one of the top players in the Vietnamese audience. The website covers a broad range of subjects, including society, sports, education, stock market updates, and general news. Within the Vietnamese community, Dantri is recognized on a global scale and has made a name for itself as one of the most trustworthy media outlets in Vietnam.

By connecting publishers with targeted advertisers, IncrementX and Dantri hope to increase publishers’ exposure in the Western market advertiser and agency world. In order to improve monetization opportunities, IncrementX will function as an extended sales team of Dantri. It will facilitate relationships with brands and agencies. The main objective of this collaboration is to grow Dantri’s revenue in the Western market through programmatic guarantee (PG), direct brand solutions, private marketplaces (PMPs), and open market monetization.

With a target audience of over 1.5 million Vietnamese residing in the Western countries of the US, UK, and Canada, this partnership presents an excellent opportunity to engage with this valuable demographic. Dantri intends to effectively address and engage with Vietnamese readers living overseas by leveraging IncrementX‘s Western expertise and industry relationships, providing them with relevant and compelling content while generating revenue through advertising campaigns.

Commenting on the partnership, Nguyễn Đình Phòng, Director of Dantri, stated, “We are excited about our partnership with IncrementX. This collaboration will allow us to expand our reach into the Western market and interact with Vietnamese communities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. We anticipate strengthening our brand visibility and creating significant interactions with brands and agencies in these major markets with IncrementX’s assistance.”

“We are proud to partner with Dantri, Vietnam’s largest news publication, for Western market representation,” said Ashish Shah, CEO of Vertoz. “This partnership supports our goal to connect Asian publishers with western brands and agencies and provide monetization opportunities. With our combined efforts, we aim to unlock the potential of the Western market for Dantri, driving revenue growth and facilitating valuable connections with brands and agencies.”

About IncrementX:

IncrementX is a technology-led media representation platform representing Asian & Western digital publishers in unrepresented geographies, enabling brands and advertisers to reach niche and multicultural audiences through programmatic and direct brand advertising. As a programmatic monetization and brand solutions partner, IncrementX provides global sales force, partnerships, and technologies to minimize surprises for publishers in unrepresented regions. IncrementX is a Vertoz (NSEI: VERTOZ) media representation platform, offering unique expertise as a technology platform enterprise.

About Dantri:

Dantri is Vietnam’s biggest electronic news publication, delivering comprehensive news coverage across various topics. With a strong reputation and influence, Dantri is a trusted source of news for Vietnamese readers both within Vietnam and abroad.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Vertoz’s POC:

Richa Chikara

Corporate Communication

Email: richa.chikara@vertoz.com

Phone: +91 22 6142 6067 / +1 (646) 895 6969

Dantri’s POC:

Hoang Anh Tu 

Head of Sales 

Email: anhtu@dantri.com.vn

Phone: +84 948 963 232


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